Now it's your turn to compose. From undisputed actuality to the most diverse standards , you can choose the Musicians and the Repertoire which will enlighten your evening referring to an "A la Carte" Program which will integrate every detail of your event.

Whether it be a Seminar, market launching event, Prize award, a Dinner- A Show or a private Event, we offer the post adapted formula to your needs : from a piano-vocal Duet, to larger formations including sound and light Engineers, “Keys in hand”.

Make your Event stand out.


  • Merry Cadillac

Duet, which reflects the concept of Merry Mood, two Musicians : guitar, piano, vocals from an unbelievable Repertoire. If you need music for an evening but are on a budget and still want great, chilled-out and relaxed atmosphere, they will offer you more than what you were hoping for. The Program includes : Ray Charles, Wonder Steevy, the Beatles and also Elvis Presley,Nat king Cole…

Chris CADILLAC lead vocal & guitar / Christian Vinciguerra Piano & back vocal

Christian Vinciguerra Piano & lead vocal / Chris CADILLAC guitar & back vocal

  • Christian & Bea

A piano/vocals Duet for a Jazzy/Lounge Repertoire. Rediscover Jazz standarts to start the night or opt for a more modern and bubbly musical Style. They will adapt to the Atmosphere of your evening : Intimate Dinners, Private Parties, yachts, Marriages…Choosing them, is like adopting them !

Beatrice Borletti lead vocal / Christian Vinciguerra Piano & backvocal

  • Bea & Chris Cadillac

A Guitar/Vocal Duet. Here's the Recipe : a male Rock-Folk Voice vocale and a powerful Feminine voice for a real melting-pot Atmosphere : Rock from the 50, Blues, Jazz, Pop, modern Music…They know how to respond to your demands in all circumstances.

Beatrice Borletti lead vocal / Chris Cadillac guitar & back vocal

  • semi-acoustic Merry Mood
  • A small example of a "Party-boat" on a sailboat off the coast of Monaco with Irish public. super atmosphere !

Merry Mood the Irish ship experience


For a bit more musical presence, you should choose. Choose your basic Duo and compose the rest, you have all the right tools.

  • Merry Cadillac, guitar, piano, vocals (2singers) avec une percussion pour un trio plus dynamique.

Trio Merry-Cadillac

  • Maestrio, guitar, and piano 3 singers (2 male and a female) for a very enchanting musical Moment !

Merry Cadillac Quartet

Merry Cadillac, is the encounter of 4 great musicians, all under the same Passion !
On Keys and on Vocals, Christian VINCIGUERRA, on Drums Mauro GEPPONI, both from Rock Band the Running Birds.
Complétés par Chris CADILLAC, Singer and Guitarist, who knows how to put, groove et mélodie percussive de façon surprenante à la guitare et par Luca VALENTI, un bassiste hors pair, ils vous offrent une palette de possibilités musicales très éclectique et diverse.
Leur spécialité c’est le vrai Rock&Roll (Chuck BERRY, ELVIS) et la Country à la Johnny CASH (on a l’impression d’être à Nashville), bref toute la musique made in USA , nothing better to spend an unusual and surprising evening.

Merry Cadillac

Formation Unpluggedstrolling

Without a single cable, while singing around your table, to animate the different moments of your Dinner and create Atmosphere, all while being able to disappear quickly.

Jazz, Swing, blues, Soul, lounge music, pop rock, dance music, recent music performed by unbelievable Musicians : guitar, melodica, Double-Bass and right enough 3 voices with harmonious character.

Merry Mood Strolling


Le Trio Rucaloca est formé par Marcos Arrieta, chanteur guitariste d’origine Péruvienne, Christian Vinciguerra, chanteur pianiste d’origine Italienne et la seule française, Elodie Dodie, une ravissante violoniste qui joue aussi le cajon. Amis de longue date, ensemble, ils ont décidé de ré-explorer la musique Latino (Bossa, Cubaine, Rumba Gitana ….) pour laquelle Marcos est sans doute le représentant, the most accredited in the region. A unique atmosphere, festive and exotic characterizes each of their performances. Listen, c’est l’adopter….



A real sensation of « Artistical made-to-mesure »…

MerryMood Party

Would you like a bigger Band?, from four to ten musicians, a number of possibilities are at your disposal. We will adapt the Band to the musical style that you would like to reserve for your occasion.

The Quartet (guitar and vocals, bass, drums, keys) + any options

  • 1 or 2 singers
  • 1 Saxophone player
  • 1 Violin player
  • 1 Percussionist
  • DJ

Merry Mood orchestra

Merry Mood orchestra -Ultra Dance-

Côté DJ Gaetan Thomas



Gaetan Thomas c’est le big boss de notre Dj Team : ancien Résident du Barrio Latino Nice, en alternance avec la Siesta, Gaetan aime mélanger les genres, en recherchant la musicalité dans le Mix Pour lui la Musique n’a pas de frontière



NEW THIS YEAR : Professional Photographers and/or Cameramen, to immortalise your event for the rest of your lives !