Now it's up to you. From essential hits to the most diverse classics, Now it's up to you. From essential hits to the most diverse classics, choose the musicians and the repertoire that will animate your evening with an à la carte program integrating all the various aspects of your event.

Whatever your event, product launch, award ceremony, a dinner show - or a private event, we offer the formula that best suits your needs : from a piano-vocals duo , to full bands with sound and lighting, a "turnkey" solution for every need.



★ Merry Cadillac Duo, like the Merry Mood concept, two musicians : guitar, piano, vocals with an intoxicating repertoire.. If you need to liven up an evening for a reasonable budget and ensure a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, , they will offer you more than you expect. On the program : Ray Charles, Steevy Wonder, the Beatles but also Elvis Presley,Nat king Cole…


For a little more musical presence, choose a trio. Pick your basic duo and add on , to create the musical line-up best suited to your needs.. ★Merry Cadillac: guitar, piano, vocals (2voice) with percussion for a more dynamic trio.
★Maestrio: guitar, piano et 3 voice (2 singers and a singer) for a captivating musical experience! !


If you want a larger band, from four to ten musicians, many possibilities are available. We will adapt the band’s configuration to deliver the musical style you wish to have for your event. The quartet (guitar and vocals, bass, drums, keyboard) + optional 1 or 2 singers 1 Saxophonist 1 Violinist 1 Percussioniste Dj

Chris CADILLAC lead vocal & guitar / Christian Vinciguerra Piano & back vocal

Trio Merry-Cadillac

Merry Mood orchestra

Christian Vinciguerra Piano & lead vocal / Chris CADILLAC guitar & back vocal

Merry Mood - Please don't stop the music

Posted by Merry-Mood on Sunday 29 January 2017

Beatrice Borletti lead vocal / Christian Vinciguerra Piano & backvocal

★ Christian & Bea A piano / song duo for a jazzy / Lounge repertoire. Revisit the Jazz standards or opt for more current and lively music you can dance to. . The musicians adapt to the ambiance of your evening: : intimate dinners, private parties, yachts parties, weddings… choose it,, and you will love it !

Beatrice Borletti lead vocal / Chris Cadillac guitar & back vocal

★ Bea & Chris Cadillac A guitar / song duo. The concept : a Rock Folk male voice and female vocal power for a very eclectic ambiance : 50s Rock n Roll, Blues, Jazz, Pop, current music… They adapt to all your requests .



★Strolling time! Unplugged: playing while , walking around the room , to animate every moment of the evening and create the right ambiance while being able to slip away discreetly. Jazz, swing, blues, soul, longe music, pop/rock, dance music, current music performed by outstanding musicians : guitar, violin, bass, percussion and of course 4 voices with harmonious tones. Here are two examples

Merry Mood strolling quattuor

Merry Mood Strolling 2020 Bohemian Rhapsody

Merry Mood Strolling quartet with singer

Merry Mood orchestra -Ultra Dance-

★ Jazz New Orleans project Jazz New Orlean’s project comes to life in 2018 on an idea by Beatrice Borletti : create a show based on the greatest jazz successes from the time when this music made people dance in the street of New Orleans . He gradually decides to enrich this repertoire by revisiting titles like guns and roses / Daft punk or Prince using tones, rhythm and harmony of this fundamental music that is Jazz. To produce a quality show, she surrounded himself by the greatest jazz musicians in the region, who all responded to the idea of ​​creating a show that combines virtuosity and musical creativity, while offering a festive and pleasant experience to the spectators. .

Merry Mood Party Boat

★ Merry Mood semi-acoustic. An example of a "Party-boat" on a sailboat off the coast of Monaco with an audience of Irish women. Assured ambiance !

Merry Mood Lounge

★ Merry Mood Lounge: The Merry Mood Lounge trio is perfect for a classy evening, cozy, sensual evening. . Mimi Eliante is the ideal singer to interpret the best titles of Jazz and current music ( Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Amy Winehouse). The clip was shot at the Café de Paris in Monaco.

Merry Mood & Dirty Harry

★ Folk/Rock time! With a very eclectic musical inspiration and more than proven experience, these 3 three outstanding musicians define with you in advance the tone you want to give to your evening, present a constructed musical project to you and then know how to adapt perfectly to each person's aspirations. The mixture of folk, pop and reggae is surprising. Christian Vinciguerra Christian drums / vocals (Running Birds) Simone the Saint bass/chant (Running Birds) David Da Costa guitar/chant Dirty Harry, It’s the perfect solution to animate your event with rhythm and good humor.


★MM-ELECTRO-SHOCK five musicians, one goal : create an Electro-Shock, from the name of this project matured in full confinement. On the scene, Christian Vinciguerra, Simone Hake, William Morabito, Elodie Lepoutre and Manu Floris, put tubes in their sauce, from Rihanna to the White Stripes to Daft Punk, Bon Jovi and Donna Summer . Acoustic guitar goes with the keyboard, the violin does the job instead of the electric guitar. No trivial occasions, but a real artistic work for an original show that combines electro and acoustic.

DJ side

All referenced DJs are above all real musicians, which brings great harmony , rhythm and virtuosity to the performance... As an additional option, it is possible to add synchronized live violin or saxophone parts, to make your event even more remarkable.


New this year : add a professional photographer and/or cameraman to your package, to immortalize your evening forever ! Professional quality with unbeatable prices

Merry Cadillac Rock&Roll Night

★ Merry Cadillac quartet Merry Cadillac is the meeting of 4 great musicians, all driven by the same passion ! On keyboard and vocals, Christian VINCIGUERRA, on the drums Mauro GEPPONI, both from the legendary rock group Running Birds. Completed by Chris CADILLAC, guitarist and singer, who knows how to combine rhythm, groove and a surprising percussive melody on the guitar and by Luca VALENTI, an outstanding bass player, they offer you a very eclectic and diverse palette of musical possibilities. Their specialty is real Rock & Roll (Chuck BERRY, ELVIS) and the Country music (Johnny CASH) (it feels like being in Nashville), in short all the “good ol’ American music” , There’s nothing better for an unusual and surprising evening.